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New Technology, Unique Design, Waterproof scale

  Weter Beetle is an accumulation of new weighing technologies of up-to-date components and circuitry. Operating on DC 3V, Water Beetle excels in accuracy and weighing speed, and operates even underwater thanks to its AQUAFREE waterproofing system. In addition to versatility offered by diverse option, Water Beetle, designed ergonomically, is easy to operate and has a solid structure. The solid waterproofed structure of Water Beetle assures trouble-free use in various places including stores, kitchens, offices and factories, without regard to ambient conditions such as moisture, salt and dust.

Main Features

  Submergible Design
  The AQUAFREE system proots each the loadcell, indicator and battery case, and is made of anti-corrosive materials, so Water Beetle can be freely used in humid, saline or dusty places.

  High Accuracy, Speedy Weighing
  The latest control technology, design and components are employed, so Water Beetle realizes an accuracy as high as 1/3,000 ~ 1/30,000 and wide-ranging, stabilizing and display options to improve weighing elficiency.

  50% Power-saving
  With Water Beetle Two DC 3 V 1.5V D-type last as long as six DC 9 V 1.5V D-cells with other scales, saving both time and cost.

  Convenlent, Economical
  In addition to the standard functions of automatic weight adjustment, automatic resetting, accumulated tare deduction and battery exhaust indicating, Water Beetle offers optional functions of counting, HI LO OK, GTN, Hold, RS232C, RS485C, HI LO OK Output, Adapter, rechargeable battery and backlight.



6kg, 15kg, *30kg 50kg


2g, 5g, 10g     Precision scale (0.1g, 0.2g, 0.5g)


1/3000 (standard)
3kg ~ 30kg x 0.1g ~ 5g, 1/6000 ~ 1/30000 (A*)


Full Tare


LCD 25mm Height 51/2 digits,
g, kg, lb, oz, bat, stabllity mark, etc,
pcs (C*), LO OK HI (L*), Backlight (B*)
Backside display (BD*)


DC 3 V (1.5V D-type x 2)
(300 hours, Alkaline 900 hours)


Galvanized steel plate, Plastic case
Stainless steel plate (SP*)


Plastic 290mm (W) x 210mm (D)
Stainless steel (S*)


300mm (W) x 310mm (D) x 148mm (H)



Package size

335mm (W) x 340mm (D) x 190mm (H)


RS232, RS485

Available Items

Waterproof Indicator
Waterproof Load-cell
Waterproof Battery Case

(* marks mean optional functions)

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