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 Speed Jet

Label Printing Scale 50 Series SpeedJet

Main Features

  Better Quality Printing with digital adjustment of printing density both on thermal paper and normal.
  Clear printing can be obtained on glossy paper, thermal or vellum. Above all, our proud lies with thermal transfer printing method(as option) first time in this scale field which can make it possible to use normal paper(). Using normal paper as label has many benefits.

  Versatile Labeling
  Prints in many a label form in any design and style. Easy to change printing position or size, up to 56 columns(width) and 99 lines(length). 9 word sizes. Chinese and English, graphics and logos can be printed. All other languages are possible to be used if their fonts are supplied.

  Double POS
  RS232C port(interface with one computer), RS485/422(interface with up to 32 scales), PIO/Printer port, Micro LAN prot, PC keyboard port are all built in. Possible to print management information in the form of summary in connection with other printers. PLU can be registered by scanner. Can be used as cash register with a roll of papers added. Various networks can be created with many ports and programs as option.

  Double Memory
  Double memory : 1 M bytes, 2,250 units of PLU and up to 8,000 units of library as option. Library Use : Possible to index words or phrases once you make a library and keep it by number. LCD Graphic : Graphic, item names or ad copies to be shown in 2 or 4 lines.

  Faster Printing Speed
  Print at a speed of 50~100 mm of rolled paper per second. As standard(formerly option), self-service one touch push button allows automatic printing when touched. Easy to change paper. Just open the plastic cover and everything is so clear to users what to do next.

  Double Strong, Convenient and Affordable
  Workable Mechanism goes with high quality thermal transfer printer head, strong motor control and stark structure. Key-touch operation comes smoothly from well-designed mechanical keyboard (not membrane). About 160 functions are prepared to be used in any circumstances to meet end-users' requirements. Built-in IC Socket Method can make it possible for dealers to decide to replace the whole board or just the parts concerned situation by situation when service call is made. Comparatively low maintenance cost will make end-users to keep close connection with sellers.


Weighing Capacity

15kg/2g, 5g        30lb/0.01lb

Tare Range

1~100% of scale capacity

Display Mode

VFD weight(5digits), unit price(5), total price(6),
LCD(128X64 dots) graphics, item names, Ad copies(2 to 4 lines)(optional).

Printing Method

Thermal transfer film(optional) or thermal paper printing.
(printing width 56mm, labeling width 70mm)

Usable Label Forms

Any kinds of labels including 99 kinds of standard forms(minimum 20 x 20 mm to maximum 70 x 120mm

Kinds of paper

Thermal paper , Glossy, Vellum, PVC, Silver, etc.

PLU Registration

PLU 2,250 units(library number, unit price or fixed price, tare or manual weight, section number, shelf life, bar code number

Library Editing

Word processor method, 56 characters x 99 lines more; 3000 units of library number(maximum 8000 units, including 16 units graphics)

Functions Configuration

More 160 menus for configuration the functions of the scale and printer


Item names, AD copies, manufacturing date shelf life, weight value, unit price, total price, bar code, PLU numbers, company name, phone number, address, original place, ingredients, packaging materials, and other notice, etc.


RS232C, RS485/422, PIO(printer), Micro LAN, Keyboard Port


220V/110V, 50/60Hz

Scale Platter Size

340 x 245 mm, 445 x 245 mm(optional)


455(W) x 420(D) x175(H) mm(50S, 50SD)455(W) x420(D)x540(H)mm(50T, 50TD)

Weight of Scale

15kg(50SD), 17kg(50T, 50TD)


40 direct PLU keys(keyboard for editing English or Korean).

8 self-service keys(50T, 50TD, optional).

Key-in tare, programmable tare.

Total calculation per customer(M+, M-, MR, Sub-total)Daily sum up(weight 8 digits, price 8 digits)Settlement of account(sub-total, payment, changes)Total accumulation(items, sections, times)ABC analysis(weights, amounts)Various labels(normal weighing, fixed amount, fixed weight, manual weight/unit price/total price,manual weight/fixed price,bar code.

Temporal delete of printing (item name, weight, unit price, amount, bar code)Temporal stop of label issuance automatic label printing setting counts of the same labels issuing.


X(communication program), F(self-service key), R(thermal transfer printing), L(large platter), 6kg or 30kg, journal printer, scanner, etc.



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